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gilded wood french Louis XV armchair with damassé fabric

Bestselling Antique French Furniture in 2019

French Furniture Reproduction

As Maison Furniture offers a very big and diverse collection of Furniture Reproduction, it is considered the best site to buy furniture from. We are glad to introduce you to our top selling Antique French Furniture for our Wholesale Furniture buyers and importers.

Here’s a highlight of the best selling furniture of 2019:


1- The Classic Baroque Chair (Baroque Furniture Collection)

gilded wood french baroque chair with white PU leather fabric is a top selling french furniture

This very stylish yet very practical Baroque Chair is our number 1 best seller for 2019.

Either you use the Baroque style chair to sit in front of a desk, in front of your dining table as part of your Baroque dining chairs, or of your salon set, it is always going to be one of the most elegant additions to your house.

The French baroque chair is handcrafted from beech wood, with a gold leaf, silver leaf or painted finishing and can be upholstered in velvet, pattern or PU leather fabric.

The Antique Baroque Chair comes in a diversity of colors like the white baroque chair, the black baroque chair, or the pink baroque chair and many more colors upon your request.

The Baroque Style Chair Dimensions are: 50 x 45 x105 cm (Width x depth x height).

Baroque chairs for sale.

2- The Baroque Royal Armchair

Gilded wood Baroque royal armchair with dark red velvet fabric

Our second best seller antique furniture is the Royal Baroque Armchair.

The Baroque style Armchair  inspired from the most famous French Castle Salon Sets, is made of solid beech wood. We offer a big diversity of Antique Baroque Armchair in our furniture gallery, as it can be finished with silver leaf, gold leaf, painted white, or black. The Baroque Upholstered Armchair with any color of velvet, pattern, or PU leather fabric like the white baroque armchair, the black baroque armchair, or the red baroque armchair…

The Modern Baroque Armchair will give you both the comfort and elegance you need for your place.

The French Baroque Armchair dimensions are: 75 x 70 x 110 cm (Width x depth x height).

Buy Baroque Armchair.


3- The Baroque Royal Sofa

French royal sofa handmade with shiny silver leaf wood and white PU Leather fabric is a bestseller baroque furniture

The Baroque Royal Sofa is our third winner in 2019 best seller list of French Furniture Reproduction.

The French Baroque Sofa (originally Italian Baroque Sofa) can either be 2 seaters sofa, or 3 seaters sofa. The Baroque Couch is available in a diversity of finishes (gilded or silver) and colors like: black baroque sofa, white baroque sofa, green baroque sofa…

Baroque style sofa dimensions: 170 x 60 x 115 cm (Width x depth x height)

Buy Baroque Sofa.


4- The Louis XV Baroque Armchair

this top seller furniture is a gilded wood Louis XV baroque armchair with black velvet fabric

Ever wondered what’s better than a Louis XV Armchair Reproduction? Definitely the Louis XV Baroque Armchair that comes in a wide selection of finishes, fabrics and colors.

Baroque Style finish and fabric give a new look to the Louis French Armchair and turns it into a modern baroque armchair.

The Antique Louis XV Baroque Armchair dimensions are: 55 x 50 x 95 cm (Width x depth x height).

Buy Louis XV Armchair now.


5- Baroque Bench

bestselling furniture reproduction gilded wood french baroque bench with velvet fabric tiger pattern

The Number 5 best seller in our Antique French Furniture Reproduction is the baroque banquette. The Ottoman Chair is very stylish and comfortable to add with your lounge seats. The French Bench comes in a variety of colors to fit with your antique salon set. This Baroque stool comes in gilded wood and tiger pattern fabric.

The Antique French Bench dimensions are: 65 x 42 x 80 cm (Width x depth x height).

Buy Upholstered French Bench.


6- Baroque Chaise Lounge

This bestselling french baroque chaise lounge handmade with carved wood, silver leaf finish and velvet grey fabric

The Baroque Chaise Longue is number 6 in our Antique Furniture Reproduction.  You can add the French Chaise Longue Sofa to your salon set, or living room. The Baroque Meridian Lounge will give you the comfort and relaxation you are looking for at the end of your day without compromising the luxurious look of the room. The Baroque Daybed comes in a wide selection of finishes, fabrics and colors. The French Chaise Lounge Sofa dimensions are: 150 x 55 x 90 cm (Width x depth x height).

Buy Antique French Chaise Longue.


7- Louis XV Baroque Console

gilded wood baroque console table with mirror frame is a furniture best seller

This Baroque Console Table and Antique gold mirror frame are the 7th best seller in the Antique French Furniture List. We can make the French Baroque Console Table as silver baroque console table, gold baroque console table, black baroque console table, or ivory baroque console table. The Antique Baroque Console Table (originally Italian Baroque Console Table) dimensions are: 100 x 40 x 205 cm (Width x depth x height).

Buy Royal Baroque Console Table.


8- Gold Mirror Frame

Antique Gold Mirror Frame

The Antique Mirror Frame is in number 8 position in our best seller French Furniture List. We handcraft the Antique French Mirror Frame with gold leaf. The French Wooden Frame Mirror has a beveled mirror or a miroir biseauté. The French Mirror Frame dimensions are: 90 x 170 cm (Width x height).

Buy Gold Antique Mirror Frame.


9- Louis XV Bombé Vitrine (French Furniture Collection)

Louis XV Bombé Vitrine is a bestselling french furniture

The Antique French Vitrine is the 9th best seller furniture for 2019. We make the 19th Century French Vitrine with marquetry inlay, decorate it with brass ormolu and upholster it with a capitonné back. The French Vitrine Display Cabinet is inspired from 2 drawers Louis XV French Commode. The Louis XV Vitrine can perfectly match with your salon set or your dining room. The French Vitrine Cabinet dimensions are: 70 x 45 x 190 cm (Width x depth x height).

French Vitrine For Sale.


10- Louis XV Bombé Commode

This French Louis XV Bombé Commode is a top seller French furniture Reproduction

The Antique French Commode is our number 10 best seller of Antique Furniture for 2019. We make The Louis XV Commode with Veneer Inlay and handcraft it with Brass Ormolu. The Louis XV Bombé chest is a magnificent masterpiece of French Furniture. The French Commode with marble top that can be crème, green, red, or white in color. The French Commode Reproduction has 4 drawers: 2 top small drawers and 2 bottom big drawers. You can place the 18th century French Commode to your entrance or salon set for a touch of style and elegance. The French Commode Chest dimensions are: 120 x 52 x 85 cm (Width x depth x height). You will never regret buying this unique Louis XV chest of drawers.

French Commodes For Sale.

In Conclusion, Maison Furniture has been the best site for selling furniture online in 2019 with its unique collection of french style furniture wholesale. We are the right place to buy cheap french furniture online.

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