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Baroque Commode

Baroque Commode is an antique piece of furniture handmade from solid beech wood frame, then carved, painted or gilded with a marble top.

Baroque Commodes can acquire different styles to suit your bedroom, salon or living room like:

The Baroque Commode Louis XV with silver beech finish and front opening with two drawers, or the Black Baroque Commode opening from the front with three drawers.

The black baroque Louis XV style chest of drawers has a frame in gloss black lacquered solid beech, opens with three drawers in front with ornaments in silver bronzes.

You could also brighten up your interior decoration, with a gilded baroque commode.

Besides, there is the Commode baroque with a solid beech wood frame and a gloss white lacquer finish and the small golden baroque chest of drawers, for a rich and chic decoration which also offers a large storage space with its three large drawers.

To obtain the golden and silver effect, the commode is made as an art piece, silver foil and gold foil are used, which gives the antique furniture a beautiful old look.

The handsome walnut color cabinets with carved decoration originated in the late 17th century and 18th century in Italy, then France.

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