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It is your way to achieve that high-quality Antique Art Deco Furniture look at a fraction of the price.

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At Maison French Reproduction you can find a great collection of art deco furniture for sale like chairs, sofa, coffee table, writing desk, dining table, console table, armchair, storage cabinet, sideboard, wardrobe, bookcase, nightstand, bedside tables, bedroom, chest of drawers, bar stools, bench…

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Features of Art Deco French Furniture:

This French furniture reproduction is defined by strong symmetry, geometric patterns, sharp edges, highly stylized forms, bold colors and decorative details. It appeared as a result to World War I, this style was a purely decorative form, with no political or philosophical underlying motives.

Is it a marquetry furniture?

Another remarkable feature of this 1920’s furniture was wood marquetry handcraft. Covering the hardwood furniture with pieces of marquetry veneer to create decorative patterns, marquetry designs or pictures. The marquetry inlay was added to the dressers, wardrobe armoires and dining tables.

The inlaid wood art patterns were very geometric in shape.

What was it made from?

The very first furniture designers of this luxurious era’s furniture made their original furniture pieces of rich and exotic woods. The rarer the wood, the better like Violet wood, ebony and mahogany wood.

We manufacture our high quality reproduction from Beech Wood, just to give the same exotic fancy look of the antique piece in a way that you wouldn’t recognize the difference.

Creating identical reproduction furniture is an art we master.


The beech wood is treated with a high-gloss lacquer finish to give the reproduction furniture pieces a very rich and stylish look.  Our professional furniture craftsmen are experienced in adding and creating several coats and layers of lacquer to be arranged on top.

Wood Inlay:

Wood Inlays are observed in this era’s sofas and armchairs.

Leather Upholstery:

We upholster art deco sofa, armchair, settee and ottoman with Leather just like the original antique rich leather furniture.

Glamorous embellishments:

The antique French furniture reproduction pieces contain fancy stones, quartz and jewels. The 1930’s furniture were all about luxurious and glamorous embellishments.

When and Where did this era start?

It appeared in France just before World War I.

What does Art Deco stand for?

It took its name from Arts Décoratifs